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It's time to pivot...

Like all great ideas, it started with a cold brew, a cool autumn evening, a wicked smart friend and business advisor (George), and a conversation about how organizations that pivot survive and thrive. And those that do not…well, do not.

George is a successful business builder and lives vicariously through me for the more mission driven NPO area. I shared that the pandemic woke us all up to do what we, perhaps, should have done a long time ago. In our sector, we are reinventing in-person events, figuring out how to approach new corporate sectors, looking at diversifying high-net-worth individual strategies – working to be relevant in a world shaken.

We talked about the adoption and use of data and technology as drivers of efficiencies and growth. Here we are hearing about the very cautious approach to tech, fearing the loss of the human touch, that is the hallmark of American fundraising. Again, the pandemic is causing the pivot.

And here’s the thing, our sector is filled with brilliant, passionate and amazing professionals. Yet, it took a world catastrophe to get us to pivot.

Then we got to the crux of the conversation.

I see opportunity and have pivoted towards it my entire life, finding likeminded individuals to join in the journey that are willing to accept the risks of the pursuit. Together, pivoting towards that opportunity until we reach it. My LinkedIn Profile outlines a sample list. At this point, George looked at me and said, I think this could be the foundation of a business.

So, there you have it. My own pivot towards opportunity once again. I’ve launched Pivot Point LLC, where we focus on the core elements of successful pivots: revenue growth and diversification, board engagement, enabling technology and strategic alignment.

· Do you feel vulnerable with only one or two lines of revenue?

· How long have your board members served and are they focusing on growth?

· Are you relying on your fundraisers to target, qualify, cultivate, create the deck and close?

· Are you continuing to utilize high value resources on low value opportunities?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, we can help. Our core value proposition is that we will help you see, take advantage of and support the pivots needed to grow to the next level without the need of a pandemic. Call or write, we’d love to discuss where you want to go next and how we can help.

One last thing, are you a friend, close professional colleague, or a distant connection that wants to reconnect? Call, we’d love to connect. I’ve been on a networking marathon and am interested in your work in DEI, technology, board experiences, international fundraising, campaigns and innovation. I’ve had over 100 conversations in the last several months and have loved every one of them.

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